Terms and Conditions


1. Unless specified, all prices are quoted exclusive of delivery and installation charges and also excusive of vat at the standard rate

2. It is company policy to request part or full payment with order from customers. Account application forms are available upon request.

3 10 green Bottles (henceforth referred to as 10 Green Bottles or seller) will avoid wherever possible, but reserves the right to amend quoted prices before delivery in the event of increases in the costs of raw materials and other expenses (including duties and taxes) that affect the quoted prices.

4. For all goods made to order, such orders are deemed firm sales. Cancellations or modifications to the order can only be considered if received in writing within 5 working days of acceptance of the purchase order and/or at the discretion of a company director. The buyer will be held responsible for payment for all orders placed which do not meet these cancellation/modification criteria.

5. If from placement of order, manufacture has already begun the buyer will be responsible for covering any costs incurred.

6. Payment terms are 30 days from date of invoice for account holders (see point 2. above) or if alternative terms are agreed in writing between the buyer and seller. Invoices are generated on the date of order shipment.

Methods of Payment

By Cheque (in UK sterling) payable to: 10 Green Bottles, 13 Chequers Road, Chorlton, Manchester M21 9DX

By BACS (bank details available on request),

By Credit Account -Subject to acceptance of application (form available upon request)

Settlement Terms

7. Any goods supplied will remain the property of 10 Green Bottles until payment is received in full.

8. If 10 Green Bottles has not received payment in full by the agreed payment date, 10 Green Bottles may;

i) Suspend delivery of any or all contracts whilst the buyer remains in arrears and/or cancel any or all outstanding orders and contracts and invoice for any costs accruing from such orders.

ii) Charge interest at 5% above registered bank base rate for all outstanding indebtedness, with interest accruing on a daily basis.

iii) Charge all costs incurred by 10 Green Bottles that are attributable to the late payment.


9. Orders incur carriage charges at cost, current at the time of despatch, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

10. Buyers requiring part-order deliveries at different times and/or multiple destinations will incur carriage charges as point 9 above with each part-order delivery and/or destination being treated as a separate order. Unless agreed prior to placement of order.

11. Although 10 Green Bottles will endeavour to despatch the ordered goods within the time quoted, 10 Green Bottles can accept no liability for failure to do so, and such failure shall not entitle the buyer to cancel the order. 10 Green Bottles shall in no way be liable for any consequences to the buyer for late delivery.

12. Claims Any claims for damage, missing or incorrect items or other perceptions of non-compliance with the written order, must be received in writing within 3 working days of delivery of the consignment.

13. Exclusive Supply of Goods. 10 Green Bottles retains the right to supply goods on a non-exclusive basis unless prior written agreement has been made between 10 Green Bottles and buyer(s) which specifies the terms and conditions of such exclusive supply arrangements. However, Note 17 also applies.

Copyright & Licensing

14. Products originated by 10 Green Bottles. Complete ownership of title and copyright of all products and designs remains with 10 Green Bottles unless such rights are transferred to the buyer under a separate written agreement.

15. Artwork & designs supplied by the customer. Seller accepts artwork and designs/images and all materials suitable for copyright ONLY on the basis that the provider of the material owns or has authorisation to determine use of such copyrighted materials. Seller will accept no responsibility for breach of copyright including consequential losses. Copyrightable materials are accepted in good faith that the provider has authorisation to determine their use. Seller will not conduct investigations and/or incur costs in ascertaining ownership.

16. Products manufactured using copyrighted materials. Seller respects the ownership of copyrighted materials. Products manufactured using such materials are subject to supply arrangements as agreed by 10 Green Bottles and the provider of the copyright (See also Note 14.). All manufacturing rights remain exclusively with 10 green Bottles.

17. Licensing. If product (subject to Note 16) is supplied by 10 Green Bottles on a non-exclusive basis, a royalty payment of X % of net sales value will be payable to the provider of the copyrighted materials for items not supplied to them. Actual terms of payment, including the % value will be subject to written agreement. In the absence of such an agreement, the payment will default to X % of net sales value exclusive of taxes and duties, payable on receipt of payment for the goods supplied.

18. The buyer will not resell or use any products supplied by 10 Green Bottles in any form or packaging other than that in which it was supplied without prior written consent of 10 green Bottles.

19. Project Timescales. Although 10 Green Bottles will endeavour to meet agreed project timescales, 10 Green Bottles can accept no liability for failure to do so and such failure shall not entitle the buyer to cancel the order. 10 Green Bottles shall in no way be liable for any consequences, financial or otherwise, to the customer for delays arising during the preparation and/or execution of a project. In all cases, 10 Green Bottles will work with the customer to resolve and remedy any such delays in a mutually acceptable manner.

20. Promotional Information 10 Green Bottles retains the right to use their own images of products manufactured for customers, for promotional purposes unless prior written agreement has been made between seller and customer(s) stating otherwise.

21 supply of glass products and materials. The use of glass must conform to the safety section of the latest edition of BS6262 a copy of which is available for inspection. Sole responsibility for selection rests with the supplier.

These terms and conditions exist to help protect us but also our customers. If anything is not clear in these conditions please feel free to contact us at any time for clarification.


10 Green Bottles

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